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December 27, 2019 | By Deepak Kumar

LED Landscaping Lighting

asdfghjklLandscaping is a key part of a building’s appearance. A well-kept appearance is a great first impression for prospective buyers, clients and employees alike. During daylight hours everyone gets the full effect, but, once the sun starts to set all of the details and aspects of the property that made it so appealing disappear into darkness and leave it looking like any other building.

LED landscape lighting fixtures can transform the look of your yard at night. When done right landscape lighting will highlight your shrubs or hedges, light your walkway, and in some cases even accentuate certain architectural qualities.

There are several different styles of light that are popular in landscape settings. Depending on how big you are planning to go for your landscape, you may end up needing more than one type, if not all of them.

Types of Fixtures


Garden – Garden lights are most often styled with canopies then mounted on top of 18- to 24-inch posts with spikes. The canopies help reflect light down into planting beds and are also great to use as pathway markers. Unlike other landscaping lights, the style and finish are on full display. The RAB fixture pictured can be used with any medium base A-19 LED lamp and is a quality addition to any outdoor area.


Bullet – Bullet floodlights give off light in a compact, narrow beam. Precisely highlight your house features and any foliage focal points. You can install a few at a distance to create a wall grazing effect. Wall grazing is the opposite of wall washing, otherwise known as using track lights wall to light a wall from above. While wall washing is a technique used for indoors, wall grazing lights from the ground and is perfect for accentuating textures and creating a dynamic look.


Flood – Then you have your more powerful flood lights. These will have a wider beam angle (typically 40° or more) than bullet and brighter than wash lights. They are perfect for lighting up tall trees or wide house features. They are also great for lighting up a basketball hoop or casual recreation areas.

Landscape lighting is primarily low voltage as it is safer and on the off chance someone clips a wire, it won’t do too much damage. LED landscape lights are also energy efficient so you can keep them all night for just a fraction of what you would pay with incandescent lights. Look for fixtures with a warmer color temp, something in the range of 3000K-4000K will provide a good amount of light while also giving off a softer, warmer hue than higher color temps.

The most important thing to remember when installing landscape lighting is you want to have a plan, especially when it comes to your wattage and how much power is running. While the fixtures individually low voltage it can quickly add up. When looking for a transformer add up the total wattage of all the lights you plan to install and multiply by 1.25. That is the watt-capacity you will want to look for. Another thing to keep in mind is watch how many fixtures you are linking together. You will want to prevent overpowering your line by installing a junction box rather than connecting all the fixtures on a daisy chain.

Security Lights

LED Dusk-to-Dawn fixtures are the perfect addition to your yard, walkway, or parking lot. Use them near doors, fences or at any sensitive entry point around your property. Die cast aluminum housing allows these fixtures to withstand rough outdoor environments and all weather conditions while delivering bright, vibrant light. Dusk-to-dawn fixtures make great security lights has they come in a variety of styles and automatically turn on and off with the sun.

Used in combination, the right mix of lighting creates a beautiful sense of depth in your yard. LED landscape lights are the best way to get a great looking yard and be cost efficient.

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