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Crinkle-straightArm-PO1 (2).jpg

Crinkle Black Post Light

₹16,481₹21,975(25% off)
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Elegant lantern style bollard light

₹6,779₹7,975(15% off)
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Classic Antique Green 2 Light Pole Light

₹19,481₹25,975(25% off)

Buy Outdoor Lighting Accessories Online

Lights are a very important component for every house and other places. In fact, without lightings this whole world would be a dark effigy. While earlier lights were used to make ways clear and do various works at night, today they are a symbol of designing the houses and other platforms. Many of us might think that how can this thing be a designer item. Well! This item comes in many designs and shapes which are not basically to lighten the place but to enhance the beauty of the rooms or the sets prepared for situations like weddings, parties or for any person house.

Fos Lighting, the foremost and leading store of different exclusive lights provides a unique and beautiful style of making the sets more charming and attractive. Buy outdoor lighting accessories from our store and make your sitting place more special and stunning. Also, you can use these items to design stages, auditoriums, wedding pandals and many others. We deliver your items to your doorsteps, so all you need to do is sit at a move and choose the best one. Apart from outdoor lightings we also offer chandeliers, lamps, pendants, lights for wall, floor, ceiling, tables, bath and highlighters.

We provide the most different designs of lights which will definitely suit your place. We also have dazzling items for outdoor wall lightings India which will surely enhance the beauty of your rooms and outer places. We are open all day and night for you so that you can plan your dream home perfectly.