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Wall Lighting Accessories Store India


There are several different types of wall lights available including recessed, track and wall lamps to complement any home or room décor. Wall lighting is ideal for providing light while saving floor space traditionally used by elaborate floor lamps or unwieldy table lamps. Exterior wall lighting is very popular and is often installed above garage doors and front doors and along pathways in a yard. A wide range of looks are achieved by wall lighting of different kinds and can transform the appearance of any room or area where light is needed for functionality.


FOS Lighting offers a wide and exquisite variety of wall lights that are both decorative and functional. One of the most popular types of wall lights are recessed lights that may be mounted under kitchen or bathroom cabinets, cupboards and medicine chests. When installed in the basement or garages they provide convenient lighting for chores and projects. In the home, these units offer soft, understated lighting and can feature adjustable switches to control the intensity of light.


FOS Lighting features some enchanting textured glass wall lights that add to the exotic ambience of the décor. Buy wall lights online, India from our diverse selection at FOS Lighting. To brighten up even the plainest of spaces,buy lighting accessories for the wall from our extensive collection. Wall light accessories are easily available online. Buy single wall light online and transform your décor.