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Incandescent ClearLamps Bulbs Online

Home lighting can be very interesting and innovative. FOS Lighting has designed, manufactured and supplied decorative lighting for over a decade and has built its success on impeccable customer service and in-stock products. Their performance is characterized by unparalleled workmanship and an intense pride in all that they do. Buy lamps online in India from the comfort and convenience of your home from FOS Lighting. Lighten up your spirit and buy lighting lamps online. FOS Lighting stocks a wide array of lighting lamp accessories. It is the foremost name in lighting lamp accessories, India.

The Phillips genie cool daylight bulb is an energy saving device which gives of cool daylight light. With a life of 6,000 hours it comes in a range of wattages and is ideal for the home.

12 pack Osram 40 w e14 candle clear bulb is mercury free and dimmable. You can control the flow of light in a room with these versatile bulbs. It comes in wattage of 40 W.

The 14 watt Phillips genie cool daylight B22 CFL is energy saving. With a wattage of 14 Watts it also has the option of a standard 75 watt bulb.

The 14 watt warm white T5 tube casts warm white light and is extremely economical. The 8 Watt cool daylight T5 tube is ideal for those difficult to light spaces. FOS Lighting provides ideal lighting solutions for our needs.