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Fos Lighting delights in the felicity of light. It displays a stupendous array of lights which includes the votive candle holder, tea light holder, candle stand and fancy lights for home. These beautiful containers are intricately detailed and cast intricate shadows on the walls. As simple as they might seem, these containers serve to create the ultimate exotic décor. They can be used effectively to create a festive ambiance at poolside parties and romantic dinners. They can be used as outdoor or indoor accents. These tea light holders have a dream like quality that is alluring and unique. FOS Lighting offers the ideal lighting solutions to create an aura of peace and tranquility.

The Golden Jaali tea light candle holder is enough to transform an ordinary room into an exotic space for relaxation. The fine workmanship reflects the dedication of the artisans who created it. The random colored silver tea light holder has an oriental charm that is magnificent in its appeal. The mini lantern tea lights make ideal outdoor accents. They transform any plain table into a appealing banquet table that will become the center piece of the room. Colour your world with these charming delights .The studded hand carved brass tea light candle holder is imaginatively crafted. Colored bead patterned cut outs add to the opulence of these delightful pieces. The hand carving makes them all the more unique and the shadows cast by them are memorable and enticing.