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Lighting is such a delicate design tool. Fine use of illumination brings life even to the most unexciting design formats. Lighting is the most indispensable constituent in the embellishment of abode. We all necessitate carrying more lights into our homes. Lighting generates, ironically, both actuality and delusion. Lighting equipments elucidate our precious stuff and highlights our preferred ensign, plus affects our frame of mind, presentation, and mental fitness on a daily basis. 


Compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) are generally used in every house as an important power source. Due to their less energy consumption and brighter illumination, they have always been on the top of the chart while buying products for home lighting. Your one stop solution for all the lighting needs, Fos Lighting is here to provide you with the best quality CFL’s to decorate your home in style. Quality products from some of the top market brands are available on our online store. Now you can buy Philips CFL Lighting online in India from our store.


Even a home with lots of windows cannot promise luminous climate. But with artificial lighting, correctly prearranged, your rooms can shine brilliantly. Keeping in mind the same, Fos Lighting provides a large variety of lighting products for your home. Visit our online store to place an order of your choice and it’ll be delivered to your doorstep in no time.